After his conversion in Mexico in 1993 and have preached the gospel for 15 years, (see testimony). The pastor Krim Lahsinat and his family were sent as missionaries in French Guiana by the Baptist Church Genezareth (Ministerios Genezareth) Guadalupe Nuevo Leon, Mexico since July 2008.

The aim is first to plant a church in Saint Laurent du Maroni, and a Bible Institute, and subsequently start other churches in other cities of French Guiana.

In 2013 after having planted the Biblical Baptist Church of Saint Laurent du Maroni, and given the responsibility to a trained and ordained local pastor, Olivier Alcindor, Pastor Krim left in August 2013 to Mayotte, with the objetive of church planting among Muslims .


The testimony of Pastor Krim Lahsinat was written in book form, to present to Jesus as the Saviour, especially for a youth wandering and aimlessly as I was.


I hope this testimony will be a blessing and you will be convinced like me that there is nothing impossible for God.


I was born in a little town in France. My parents were from Algeria, a Moslem country in the north of Africa. Even though my parents were Moslem, my brothers and sisters and I, we never followed that religion, and they never obligated us to be Moslem.


We were a poor family, my father was retired, and my mother never worked. The poverty took my brothers and sisters, in the way of the delinquency. I remember on the day of my fifteen birthdays, that my mother was crying a lot, because the police had taken two of my brothers to jail. I swore that day that I would not make my mother cry like that.


Two years later, my brothers got out of jail. One came back home, and the other went to the mountain to look for a job. A few months later, my brother came to visit us. He was not the same. He had changed, he was another person. He did not smoke cigarettes anymore; he did not drink alcohol or do drugs anymore. He was very different. He told us, that he had known Jesus Christ, and He had changed his life. He was talking us about Jesus Christ, but I did not care what he was talking about.



When I was almost 18 years, after my parents moved to Algeria, I decide to chase a dream that I had, since I was a child. Traveling around the world, to know different countries, different cultures and different persons. So I left my home, and I went to Spain.


In Spain, I met some hippies, and I joined them. Our live was, living outside the city, in the mountain, in the beach, always in different places, and the ritual was to smoke drugs every night. In that time, I thought that I had found the really and the best live, without preoccupation and responsibility, only fun and diversion. However, by the time, I realized, that I was living in a lie, every things were deception. I understood, that I was escaping from the reality.


18 months after to enter in Spain, I decided for the first time, to write a letter to my brothers in France. I told them that I was sorry, to have not written them before. I told them that I was missing my mother, and that I’m going to Cross, Morocco, to go to Algeria and visit her. 15 days after, I received, an answer of my brothers, and they told me, that my mother was dead since 9 months.


This news broke me the heart, and I would not believe it. Many, tears flooded my face. Since that day, I felt bad, I felt hate to myself, I made me responsible of the dead of my mother. I worked some days, and I went to Algeria to confess me over the tomb of my mother. When my big brother who is living in Algeria, told me that my mother, in her last hours, was asking for me, my hate grew inside me, and more, when I knew that my father was married two more time.


A few weeks later, I came back to France, and for my surprise, my five brothers and sisters, were became Christian. I could see their lives changed, they were very different. One of my sisters began to talk me about Jesus Christ. She knew how I felt, and she said that Jesus could help me. The proud and the hate of myself didn’t allowed me to believe in him.


So, after a few months, I left again France, in order to go to Italy. In Italy, I met the hard drugs, the cocaine and heroine. Not only I consumed that drugs, but also I sold them, and little by little, I made money, and spent it in pleasure, diversion, in everything bad.


After a year of living in this situation, I felt myself becoming increasingly dependent on drugs, and this life, I did not like at all. I felt no satisfaction in me, instead I saw my life being destroyed little by little, neither drugs nor money, nothing could give me the peace I sought.


After that, I needed to go to France, to settle some documents with the army. While, my sister continued to talk me about Jesus, but my heart was hardener than never.


One day, a girl from the north of France, came to visit my brother’s church. She was young and pretty. She invited me, one day, with the church, at a picnic day, in the mountain. I went, and I can remember that day, when she gave me her testimony, how Jesus changed her bad life. And after she said me Jesus loves you, Jesus wants to help you, Jesus wants to be your friend. I remember that day, I felt something strange. Later, I began reading the Gospels, I was amazed by the stories of Jesus, and so I decided not to come back to Italy.


A few weeks later, the urge to travel, came back, I wanted to pursue my dream to see the world. So I left again France, and I went to New York. I traveled inside of United States, and I met good and bad people. After a trip in Mexico, I went to Canada, following traveling, and after some months they deported me to France, for not having a visa.


After I arrived in France, I went to Algeria, because my father had problems with his third wife, who was many years younger. I went to see him, but he did not listen, and as my family said, he was bewitched, and maybe he was.


After that. I went to Tunis, I crossed the sea to Sicily, and I got in Italy. I looked for my old friends. One was in jail, the other one was lost in his mind, they shot the other one on his knees, and a girl died of overdose. That situation frightened me, and I ran away to France, in a mountain. I talked to God, and I asked him what it was happening to me, but I did not have any answer.


A few weeks after, for to satisfy my thirsty of traveling, I decided to go to South America, but the ticket was very expensive, so I decided to buy a ticket to Mexico, and go down by myself until arrive to South America. I flew to Mexico, and I took a bus to Oaxaca, a town in the south of Mexico.


I did not have any more money, so I looked for some job, in order to follow traveling. After two o three days, I saw a church, written on the wall, evangelic Baptist church. I was surprised because I did not know that had Christians in Mexico. I got in the church, I talked with the pastor, and I asked him, if he could let me give some French classes to the young people of the church.


It was incredible, because the pastor not only said yes, but also he installed me in a classroom, behind the temple, where I could sleep and live. While I was living in the temple, I must go to the services, and it was, in those services that God began to talk directly to my heart.


I understood that to receive God's help, I had to repent of my sins and to accept Jesus Christ into my heart as my Savior. I did so, and it was amazing how there was a radical change in my life, the 3 of September 1993.


I was really a new person, I no longer needed, alcohol, or drugs, or to travel to feel good, with Jesus I felt so good. He really gave me the peace that I needed in my heart.

Then I wrote to my brothers in France, to tell them that I had converted and they rejoiced. My sister told me. That they were praying for me during 6 years.


Then I wrote a letter also to my father, I knew he was Muslim and in the letter, I showed him that Jesus was not only a prophet as he thought, but the Son of God and the Only One who could save us and change our lives. A few month after I receive the sad new of the death of my father. Only God knows what happened in his heart.


When I realized the great love of Jesus for me, I decided to give Him my life to serve Him. I began to study in a Bible institute and at the same time I served in the church and missions in villages in southern Mexico.


God bless me, and I met my future wife Yanett and we got married. After 3 years in the South, and a child, Jenifer, we went to northern Mexico, to receive a further preparation. I continue to study in a seminary biblical and I served the Lord in another mission. During that time, my sister who she is living in Jesuralem discovers that our mother was a jewish.


4 years later, the pastor Julio Montes of Baptist Church Genezareth asks me to be his assistant. I accept that blessing and as the church has the ministry of education from kindergarten to university, I studied during 5 years a degree in Theology, in UCLA (Christian Univerity of America).

During this time, God blessed me again with 2 other children, Vanessa and Abdel. After 8 years of service in the church, and a multitude of blessings, on july 2008, God put me in my heart to preach the gospel in French Guiana.


In French Guyana, always happy in the Lord, we were in the west in Saint Laurent du Maroni, and we worked primarily with Buhsnegers, Creoles, Amerindians, Haitians, Brazilians, ... It was a blessing to have worked in a number of races, because all we need Christ.


After five years and leave an established the Biblical Baptist Church of Saint Laurent du Maroni with a local pastor prepared and ordained, Olivier Alcindor, on august 2013, the Lord called us to go to Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar, where we are currently working with Muslims.


Pray for us, for God's grace with that people, so needed of the Gospel


God bless you, and remember there is nothing impossible for God